The Game-1000 AD

Welcome to the ONLINE WAR GAME New 1000 AD.

The ultimate, action packed catastrophically destructive battle field. Make a foolproof military plan to go to battle, defeat your opponents, and lead some of the renowned famous civilizations of the medieval era.You can choose from a variety of civilizations such as the Vikings, Chinese, Zulu, Byzantines, Mongols, Incas, Franks, Turks, and Barbarians. Ready to register and play?

Learning New 1000 AD:

If you are a new player and you are excited about taking on the challenge of New 1000 AD, you can easily go through new player tutorials to learn how to play the  web STRATEGY WAR GAMES. To make the games easier to understand you can also view the video tutorials.

You will also find chat installed in the games. As a new player you can chat with the best players and learn some strategies with tricks. You can also join training alliances to learn skills from the older players.

New 1000 AD Game Forums:

Through our game forums, you can interact with other aggressive skillful players. These forums are gaming platforms where you can discuss about the games, guide other players, share your opinions, challenge players, boost morale, post ideas, and make alliances.

Strategy War Games:

Through our 2 unique and challenging free online multiplayer web browser STRATEGY WAR GAMES, you have a chance to prove your superior gaming skills and your wits to the world. Our text based games allow you to declare war against multiple players worldwide.  Join NOW and PLAY THE GAME

You can choose to play from two engaging and interesting text based games, the Standard and the Blitz, at New 1000 AD. These are TURN BASED GAMES. The Standard game lasts 28 days with your turn coming after every 9 minutes while the Blitz lasts for 21 days with turns coming after every 3 minutes..

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Strategize To Win:

Strategize your game to ensure victory. With your strategic thinking and diplomatic skills, you can build alliances by teaming up with the best players and bring down your opponents civilization in minutes. It’s time you create history.

Formulate a foolproof plan in this online war game. You can build a strong army and attack other empires to conquer lands. Erase your opponents from the world map by using historical battalions of catapults.

Our TEXT BASED GAMES are of high picture quality and crisp images that gives you a real gaming experience. You will feel that you are actually part of a real world. You can create buildings and produce an economy based around wood, iron, food, and gold.

You can explore civilizations, learn about history, prove your mettle, experience the thrilling adventure, and above all have unlimited fun with these ONLINE WAR GAMES

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