War without Blood: How a Turn-Based Strategy Game Lets You Conquer with a Conscience

War without Blood: How a Turn-Based Strategy Game Lets You Conquer with a Conscience

We all love ancient war movies, about old-timey civilizations rising up and slaughtering any and all rivals. More than likely, you’ve fantasized about being part of such a conquest, like in 300. Just you and a few hundred Spartans, risking life and limb to conquer the mighty Persian Empire and scream a few cool catchphrases in the process.

“Mmm, mmm, good, RARGGHH!”

Sadly, such a thing is purest fantasy. Running a society and training it to destroy another takes a lot of time, a lot of effort, and causes a lot of bloodshed and death. Besides, what if you lose? Most likely, the victor will not let you and your people off with a slap on the wrist and a stern warning to never do it again.

Luckily, simulator games such as 1000 AD exist, giving all of us the opportunity to conquer the Turks, Incas, Vikings, and several other famous civilizations from the comfort of our own home. There’s no blood, no gore, no wasted money, and no threat of a disgruntled soldier disrespecting your authority and attempting a hostile takeover. In their place is pure fun.

Building Up Your World

Probably the most fun part of 1000 AD is that it’s not just “Stage 1: KILL KILL KILL DIE DIE DIE.” It’s actually a very slow build, as you start your civilization with nothing but cash, raw materials, and a dream. You need to build everything from the ground up, including research labs, farms, mines, towers, markets, and houses (after all, soldiers can’t literally live on the battlefield.) You might need to settle political disputes as well (name one empire without annoying political strife. You can’t.)

Some just have a more direct impeachment process than others.

In addition, you will have to ensure that your entire population is taken care of. While you might not WANT to coddle the thousands of peasants who aren’t working (and yes, unemployment is a thing in 1000 AD,) you kind of have to. Letting upwards of a thousand people freeze during the cold winter or simply starve to death will not make you look very good as a leader. Make everybody happy, give as many people work as possible, and you’ll achieve results.

Forge Alliances

You also need to trade with nearby towns and markets (represented by other players you form an alliance with) in order to gain extra resources and keep everybody well-fed and satisfied.

This approach might seem delicious, but will probably result in mutiny and revolution real fast.

Each move you make, whether it be a building constructed or research done, takes up a turn. Most players can build up their civilization into something boast-worthy in a few hundred turns. Fret not, as good things come to those who wait. In this case, the world is that thing.

War Time

But this isn’t just Simcity: Ancient Worlds Edition. No sir (or maam), 1000 AD is ultimately about building up your land so you can destroy others’. Once your society is large, rich, well-trained, and ready for expansion, team up with your allies and go forth to conquer. And yet warfare is not a case of mindlessly attacking the enemy until everybody stops moving. It CAN be, if that’s how you wish to fight. But you can also choose to fight strategically which, unless you have built up literally the strongest army in history, is likely your best bet.

Maybe for the sequel, we can purchase one of these little guys and remove all guesswork from battle.

Once again, each move you make during wartime takes up a turn. Depending on how well you and your allies fight, not to mention how well the other side fights, a civilization could be conquered in a few turns or many.

The World is Yours

Do all this expertly, and you can write your own history. No longer does the Byzantine Empire emerge as the preeminent superpower of the time. Now it can be just about any group you desire. If you’re willing to put in the time and effort needed to be a proper leader, then you could very well rule the world of 1000 AD.

New 1000 AD moves to a private server

One of the most common and fun ways to play is to interact in an online game. Unfortunately online browser based gaming can also be quite expensive with monthly fees for the game as well as fees for the use the site. In addition, in most cases the user may also have to buy the game for each person who chooses to play.
Now those fees are bypassed and the online gaming aficionado still has the opportunity to play one of the most exciting games online. New 1000 AD, a browser based game which is free of charge offers online users exciting and interactive gaming that will keep them entertained and learning for hours.
New 1000 AD, a web based, browser based game is historically based, offering multiple different civilizations to which the user may enlist. Having done so, creating a character which is part of a wide range of different historical eras, the users interact in the browser game creating their own civilization.
Interaction and excitement go hand in hand as users of New 1000 AD build their cities and towns, make alliances and enemies and go on to conquer their way across their new world. Expanding territories, crafting their way to more points and better chances, the New 1000 AD is not only an exciting and entertaining gaming experience, but also a learning experience.
At New 1000 AD the games have grown a lot more exciting. Not only has the game undergone some unique changes and new ideas, but the move to private server promises a better playing experience for gamers. Faster game play with less server downtime !!
New 1000 AD also introduces a new gaming blog, complete with help files and ideas that you and your family can enjoy.Interact on the new forums and learn more about how to play and why you’d want to at the New1000Ad.com website.
To learn more about the online gaming world or New1000Ad,

Online War Games and Medieval Style Gaming.

There is no shortage of people who absolutely love online war games. The problem seems to lie in finding war games that are able to be played online and which give the kind of graphics and player satisfaction that the people are looking for. One requirement that many people have for their online war games is that they are looking for games they can play in their browser and not finding the kind that they’d like.

Online war games which are browser based can be difficult to find. In many cases when you do find them, they can cost a lot to play and buying the game itself is just the first portion of the expense that you’re going to incur. Where do you find good gaming at prices that anyone can afford?

There are a wide array of war games out there that can test your gaming skills and will allow you to play medieval games online. The problem is that many are costly and require a monthly payment to allow you to play regularly. Most are high quality and provide a good gaming experience. Most are also costly.

Keeping you and your friend engrossed for hours and hours isn’t difficult with a good war game is it? We’ve found one that is something that you’ll enjoy and spend a lot more time–and a lot less money– enjoying.

Games like Ages of Empire offer you a wide range of wartime action and provide for hours of entertainment. The graphics are outstanding and you’ll find a lot to interest you in the game play. In fact they are nearly legendary in gaming. You’ll also pay for it.

World of Warcraft is another game that offers you some serious entertainment and a wide range of different methods and modes of play. The monthly payments which are required to get into the gaming are the only real down side, aren’t they?

One that you may not have heard of or considered is New 1000 AD. New 1000 AD is a whole new experience in browser based gaming. With superior game play and graphics, interactive methodology and a wide range of different levels of players with vastly different skills, New 1000 AD is a whole new experience in online war games and medieval game play.

Interaction is easy and the online venue in which you play is also free of charge. Everything is based on the browser, no downloads and no big monthly surprises. If you’re into browser based gaming and you’d like something that allows you to interact, to react and to pit your skills against some of the best gamers online, you’ll be thrilled with New 1000 AD.

The graphics and gaming are state of the art amazing, with the quality that you’d expect in a game that is priced out with the top games online. The difference is that New 1000 AD is free to play. What’s not to love about free?

With hundreds of ways to play and new additions to the game regularly, New 1000 AD never gets old.

The real conspiracy ?

Lately the big story in the news has mostly been about gun control in America.The fight over the right to bear arms has always been a sore spot among many people not only in the US but around the world. A lot of rumors have fueled fears in America that are usually found to be just that, rumors when looked into more deeply. I love a conspiracy theory like anyone and I have one that is pretty interesting. Behind the gun control argument is the white knight for the 2nd amendment, the NRA. National Rifle Association.
Looking at the history of the NRA one wonders why they have changed their stance on gun control. At a time in the 1960′s they were the leading advocates for GUN CONTROL. What ? Indeed, the NRA used to draft and promote restrictive gun control laws. The NRA also endorsed the first major federal gun control law of the modern era, the National Firearms Act of 1934. Hey people change, I guess so can they. No crime here.
Recently the NRA has been accused of spreading untruths about certain gun control laws. These have stirred fears and in fact caused a huge jump in sales of guns and ammo. This is also caused a upswing in NRA memberships. The most interesting fib they have been accused of is warning the law abiding citizens that the governments ultimate goal was a gun registry. Which was not on the latest Machin-Toomey amendment. In fact there was a 15 year penalty for anyone who created a registry from background checks. Interestingly enough, the only national registry for gun owners is held by, you guessed it the NRA. Its membership list !!!
Moving on. Let’s use two examples of  some pretty scary stuff. Laws put in place by President Bush, a Republican. Now you must remember a favorite term of the right wing news today is it’s attack on the constitution by the liberal and democrats.
On October 17, 2006: President George W. Bush signed into law
1)Expanded the President’s power to declare martial law under revisions to the Insurrection Act, and take charge of United States National Guard troops without state governor authorization when public order has been lost and the state and its constituted authorities cannot enforce the law.
What one Democrat at the time said.
“Using the military for law enforcement goes against one of the founding tenets of our democracy. We fail our Constitution, neglecting the rights of the States, when we make it easier for the President to declare martial law and trample on local and state sovereignty.”—Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont)
2)On May 9, 2007: President George W. Bush signed National Security Presidential Directive 51 (NSPD51) and the Homeland Security Presidential Directive (HSPD-20). These directives essentially say that when the president determines a national “catastrophic emergency” has occurred, he can assume dictatorial powers to direct any and all government and business activities until the emergency is declared over.
Notice the word dictatorial. This goes against our very belief system as Americans. Makes one wonder . Let’s bring up other scenarios.
Guantanamo bay would be very easy to talk about because everyone knows about this. What a lot of people do not know about are the many “black sites” authorized by the Bush administration. These are hidden prisons, many suspected terrorists who were later found to be not guilty were sent to without trial. This again is unconstitutional. This is the act of the countries we loath and fear. Bringing recent news into the story. The Boston Bomber and the wonderful term enemy combatant.Asked for by a number of Republicans. This is illegal for an American citizen. Again who is attacking the Constitution ?
Yet what has been written so far really isn’t the conspiracy and that is the scary part. What has been written so far are facts. Here is the conspiracy. The NRA and Republicans are together in most all of the gun control news. We know the country is split. One is fighting for truth,justice and the Constitution and the other is a Socialist/Communist/Fascist/Dictatorship not taking into account those are all different ideologies.At the same time being liberal.
We know the Presidential election is coming is 2016 and there will be a new President no matter what. What would be the steps to start a political race. Step 1. Cause distrust in the government. Accomplished. Gun confiscation scares Americans gun owners and non gun owners alike. Step 2. Build income because elections aren’t won, they are bought. Accomplished. Gun confiscation and ammo shortage rumors have caused an enormous boom in sales and that means huge cash for upcoming elections. Step 3. Win the people’s hearts. Accomplished in some respects. They are fighting to save the 2nd amendment . So they would like people to believe. When is the last time a 250 million a year company cared about people ? Cynical I know but it’s a conspiracy.
  The scary scenario is for gun owners. President Bush made the law so the President can become in their own words a dictator until the emergency is over ? The “emergency” is ambiguous as is the time this emergency may last. Also to take control of the militia  by basically erasing the states authority.This goes against everything we stand for as a country. The only gun registry is owned by the NRA and after warning many gun owners about a government registry they have gotten people to happily fork over a annual fee to be part of their registry.
What is it the American people fear the most?  A dictatorial system being put in place. This has been added into our laws by Republicans .Most have no idea this has been done. This cannot be disputed. The NRA lied about a national gun registry. This cannot be disputed. They in fact are a gun registry. This cannot be disputed. Are the American people handing over the keys to a dictatorship with a smile ? All signs point to yes. The pieces are in place. Are you looking the wrong way ?
Conspiracies can be fun.

Playing Online Turn Based, Empire Building Games-What Makes New 1000 AD so Impressive?

The New 1000 AD is one of the newer turned based games. Many people are not aware of what a turn based or an empire building game is. In fact it’s a new spin on an older idea.

What are turned based games and what is empire building? How does that relate to the way in which you’re going to be playing the game and does it make things easier or more difficult?

In most cases, the turn based games will be easier for you when you first start out and they will be easier to understand. In the case of New 1000 AD. the gamers tend to be a lot more friendly and helpful than other turn based games that you might enter into. It is not that they are not interested in winning their round, but they are interested in encouraging new players to come in and to interact with them.

What is an Empire Building Game?

A browser based, turn based, empire building game means just what it says. You will not need –or in some cases be able to download game components for your computer. The only play will take place on your browser on the website where the game is housed. In many cases, these websites will charge a fairly hefty monthly fee in order to allow you to play the game. New 1000 Ad is a turn based game which is free to play.

The Empire Building aspect of the game means that you’re going to be “building an empire.” What that means is from start to finish, you will be building your own empire, using materials that you are given, or which you earn in the course of the game. The materials that you earn can be traded in for other things, or for food or payment for your help or materials. Once you’ve got enough people and enough materials you’ll be able to expand your armies, expand your territories and make alliances that can help you to make a broader base of operations.

What Does Turn Based Mean?

When you’re playing a game, particularly a war or a strategy game, there has to be a way to record the passage of time in a way that the players will find to be easily understood and easy to follow. Typically that will be turned based. The game, in a turn based game is set up into well defined slots of time that are called turns. You’re allow in a turned based game, to have some time to analyze before committing to an action in the game. Depending on how many players are in the game, the turn based games may have limits on the amount of time that you can take per turn.

The turn based game completes a round when every one of the players has taken their turn. Once they have there may be some type of sharing of information that takes place before another round commences.

The turn based empire building game of New 1000 AD is unique in that it is a free game which allows you to play at any time that you like, interactive with other players and does not require a monthly or weekly fee in order to play. If you’re interested in the turn based, browser operated games such as the old Mega Wars or Kesmai, you’ll be thrilled with the ability to play the same type of game again using updated graphics and improved technology.

Using the Help Files Prevents Frustration

One of the things that new players often find intimidating about the New1000AD game is that there are so many ways to play and so many different characters from which to choose. Quite often this is off-putting because the new player is a little uncertain about how to play the game and where to start. New 1000 AD addresses this very distinctly by offering the new users a wide range of tutorials from which to choose. These will help you to figure out who you want to be and how to get started in the game.

The various tutorials, which are available to you at New Player Tutorial pages will offer you a wide range of information that will help you to get started without getting frustrated. In addition there are other things that make the game easier for new players and older, more experienced ones.

The game basics page helps you to determine the best way to get started and how you might like to play. If you read nothing else, this one is important.

Game basics include things like a quick start guide that will help you to build tools, how the turns work and explains about all of the resources. It explains the building methods, the population and how new players will make use of the management screen to get what they need to rise in rank.

Several different things which are built into the game will help you to keep track of what you’re doing and how you’ve done during your turn. They aren’t at all difficult to use and will let you track your progress quite easily.

Take a quick look at the basics of the game so that you’ll know where to start before you begin. It helps you to find out more about your management center purpose and tells you about things like the Town centers and other aspects of the game. If you think that you’re ready to start then after reviewing the basic guide, you can quite likely begin the game and learn as you play.

In the actual game are built-ins that give you all the information that you need to know how you’re doing in the game overall.

One of the things that we found most helpful about the game was that you’ll also find at the end of each turn that you will get a summary of what you did during the turn and how things turned out for you.

For example the end of turn summary will help you to figure out:
How much food that you used for soldiers
How much food you used by people
How much wood that you used.
Your final population
Your total income
Your total goods
Your army numbers
Your overall population.

If you’re new to the game, diving in and just beginning may not be the best way to go. Take some time to look over the game basics and the various tutorials which have been provided for you and to use them to learn about the game before you get started. Use the built in tools to help you to track your progress as a new player and to learn more about the best way to play the game and change your strategy if you need to.

The many tools provided by the game developerse will help to ensure that you have a positive game experience from the start.

New 1000 AD-Browser Based Gaming with a New Look.

Browser based games are becoming more and more popular this year. In the past, browser based games were a hit. In the beginning of the internet, live chat and browser based games, such as online war games were something that everyone wanted to play. As technology and the internet advanced, brightly colored three dimensional graphics and war games with more technology but which took a vast amount of resources from your machine came into play. Not everyone was impressed by spending the time or money to outfit a machine with all that it took for this kind of play.

LIkewise, the interaction between machine and people wasn’t as satisfying as playing against other gamers in a way that allowed interaction. In short, browser based games were back and when they came back, they were back with a real vengeance.

The technological advances which had been used to create the three dimensional gaming systems such as wii and others were also being used in browser based games.

One such game is New 1000 AD. New 1000 AD permits you to step backward in time, but not in a way that makes gaming less exciting. In fact, if anything, New 1000 AD creates a world that is full of surprises, fun and adventure.

Browser games have never been like this one. Chock full of interesting and unique ways to play as well as people with which to interact, New 1000 offers you a browser gaming experience that can actually rival anything you’ve played in a gaming system.

Even if you’ve never played a browser based game prior to now you’re going to get into New 1000 AD like a duck into water. New 1000 AD brings the past to the present and does so in a way that makes you believe you’re really part of an ancient civilization.

Once you choose which civilization that you’d like to be part of you’ll choose your character and get started. You will earn a living, make a civilization, create cities and towns and live as part of your new character, taking over the area and expanding your horizons and your civilization.

By making new weapons and forging alliances you will be equipped to create a world that allows you to take over other areas and to be in charge of your own destiny.

As you move throughout the game you’ll find many others who will be willing to assist you in your game and some who will seek to hamper you as you try to move forward. Friends and enemies can be forged in the game. Making friends, defeating enemies, joining with other players to befriend them or to defeat them, the browser based game, New 1000 AD offers you a wide range of different ways to engage with others in active online play. Best of all, New 1000 Ad is a completely free game, not a monthly paid game. Learn more about New 1000 AD by reading our FAQ and joining the game to learn more about the fun to be had in browser based computer gaming.

New 1000 AD -Standard-Feb 9th-Mar 9th 2013

The games have gotten a lot more exciting lately and with some additional new toys, we hope to bring in new players which will help to get the fields growing and the games more exciting. Our game has been featured on Facebook a few times lately with several people coming in to look around and check out the gaming situation. The recent games had a nice showing and some very exciting play. In the last get together, the competition was great with several players standing out as very creative and original.

In the latest rounds of New 1000 AD the play was fierce and the competition was the same with everyone eager to get moving. In fact, the round started with Sgt Slaughter getting a little head start over the rest of the playing field. The Alliance known as the Knock Around guys was a little too strong and took a rapid lead after Sgt Slaughter, giving everyone a run for their money. Tachak repeatedly entered into jump exploring until enough was enough and he was finally banned.

Other players who were entered into the game, notably Idoar and Poo Poo Platter gave a very good showing and improved the battles just by being there. Several new players were in the field as well. New folks like Aguilas and Effingham gave a very good showing. They’ve improved so much in a really short time that they got top twenty finishes in the recent game.

Much too strong for the other players,Alsey, Lemon Grass and Mighty Mouse gave a real contest that proved to be more than the other players could overcome.

As some of you may know, we’ve had a problem where database overflowed and has been giving us problems. It’s been throwing up errors which has been very frustrating to the developers, the administrators and the players alike. The problem has been fixed and we’re being told that this can’t happen again.

The forums have been slightly problematic and due to that, we’ve made a few changes. You’ll notice that we have a new blog which allows us some more images, as well as letting the players comment on the games. Not only have we built a new blog but we’ve made a few other changes as well.

Along with the blog, a new forum system was integrated with the blog to give you all a better experience on both the blog and the forums. Come and check them out and let us know what you think. If you join the site, you’ll be signed up for the forums. The new forums allow for image uploading and a few other things that will make it a bit more fun to work with for all of the players.

We have had a few issues with spammers attacking the blog already but we think we’ve got that covered. If you run into any problems joining the forums, use the contact us form to send an email and we’ll make sure that you’re set up with a user name and password.

The War Online

While the world might not be at war in real life, it is certainly at war in the online world, as any strategy gamer will gladly tell you. there are plenty of ways to play online, from the real time strategy games you would purchase in stores, or the free RTS games you could download from various free publishers. Then again, many people much prefer to play strategy war games by their own rules. Playing a tabletop game online can prove challenging, but many people have done so by moving their endeavors to forums.

The Concept — In online war games the stage is set by creating a world either parallel to our own, or entirely different if the gamemaster wants to use his or her imagination. These game worlds are often set post-World War II, and allow many diplomatic possibilities. Players can either fight their way to victory within a certain period of time, or they can prevail through economic means. Oftentimes the objective is not to destroy the other players, but rather to exist in the world, getting ahead through means of trade or conquest at the basic level.

Starting Out — In the beginning of the game players will be able to choose their nation among a list of availables. If the map being used is a map of the world, then players can choose any country, and they may even use their knowledge of its topology to their advantage.

Building Up — Before the start of the game, a player will have the opportunity to purchase amenities for their nation. This could include housing, food, and of course, military equipment. Soldiers may also be trained for the purpose of offense and defense, but the amount you may purchase depends on the startup capital you are assigned. Based on the world economy, you may have more or less, depending on the game master’s prerogative.

Progression — Because the game involves so many people on different schedules, it could take a considerable amount of time for it to move forward. The creator or gamemaster may set a deadline for this information, and if you fail to submit your requests or movements before the time runs out, you might risk losing your turn.

Diplomacy — As with real life, there is a considerable amount of diplomacy present within the game. You will interact with other players who represent nations, and there could be several hundred present depending on the size of the world.Here you will negotiate trade agreements, start wars, and forge your path as a nation.

As you can see, these strategy war games are huge. You will find that virtually anything can happen, and such games may take up years of your life. The best part of course is that you can take your time making decisions. In other words, you will not have to make split second choices, which makes the game a bit more relaxed. Before you know it, you’ll be immersed in a complicated strategy game, and ready to take on an imaginary world.

New 1000 Ad and its Appeal to All Ages

In the early days of video gaming, war games we considered by many to be time wasters as they could be lots of fun but offered little to no educational value. The game mechanics of average war games were pretty basic and focused more on elements such as graphic and storyline. But dive into a good online war game and you will realize there is a lot depth and strategy involved. Here is a few reasons a game like New 1000 AD is good for all ages.

Fully Gameplay Focused

With a text-based game,you won’t have to worry about violent content that can turn away younger audiences. Players are instead encouraged to use their imagination on how the scenes are portrayed. The lack of graphics also means that the overall gameplay is more emphasized,which is good because New 1000 AD is an online war game where lots of strategy is involved.

Exercise Your Problem Solving Skills

Mastering most types of game requires a lot of practice in certain areas.For instance, some games may require good reflexes while other games require more precision. But turn-based strategy games such as New 1000 AD can be treated much like a chess game where you can take as much time as you like in planning your strategy. So many things need to be taken into consideration, including diplomacy, where playing smart can lead you to victory. It becomes more like a puzzle where you have to figure out which civilization suits your playing style. Then you have to master the art of resource management since you have to create buildings in the game too. The decisions can mimic real life decision making, which makes this online war game even more compelling to the masses.

Challenge Real Players

In standard strategy war games, you have to outsmart the AI and while that can be tough, depending on the way the AI is coded,nothing can beat the unpredictable nature of a human player. Since New 1000 AD is focused on online multiplayer gaming, you get a chance to face some seasoned players that will put your skills to the test. If you believe you have what it takes, you feel the real thrill in overcoming tough opponents. Younger folks who are new to the game can challenge other beginner opponents so they can learn how to play and still have fun.

Always Up-to-Date

New 1000 AD shares the same benefits as other browser-based online games where you are certain that you are playing the latest version of the game. The game developers can make updates based on player feedback to improve the game balance or possibly add new features and anti-cheat mechanisms. There is also forum where you can discuss your own thoughts and strategies regarding the game with other active players. Player of all ages are allowed in the forum.