New 1000 AD -Standard-Feb 9th-Mar 9th 2013

The games have gotten a lot more exciting lately and with some additional new toys, we hope to bring in new players which will help to get the fields growing and the games more exciting. Our game has been featured on Facebook a few times lately with several people coming in to look around and check out the gaming situation. The recent games had a nice showing and some very exciting play. In the last get together, the competition was great with several players standing out as very creative and original.

In the latest rounds of New 1000 AD the play was fierce and the competition was the same with everyone eager to get moving. In fact, the round started with Sgt Slaughter getting a little head start over the rest of the playing field. The Alliance known as the Knock Around guys was a little too strong and took a rapid lead after Sgt Slaughter, giving everyone a run for their money. Tachak repeatedly entered into jump exploring until enough was enough and he was finally banned.

Other players who were entered into the game, notably Idoar and Poo Poo Platter gave a very good showing and improved the battles just by being there. Several new players were in the field as well. New folks like Aguilas and Effingham gave a very good showing. They’ve improved so much in a really short time that they got top twenty finishes in the recent game.

Much too strong for the other players,Alsey, Lemon Grass and Mighty Mouse gave a real contest that proved to be more than the other players could overcome.

As some of you may know, we’ve had a problem where database overflowed and has been giving us problems. It’s been throwing up errors which has been very frustrating to the developers, the administrators and the players alike. The problem has been fixed and we’re being told that this can’t happen again.

The forums have been slightly problematic and due to that, we’ve made a few changes. You’ll notice that we have a new blog which allows us some more images, as well as letting the players comment on the games. Not only have we built a new blog but we’ve made a few other changes as well.

Along with the blog, a new forum system was integrated with the blog to give you all a better experience on both the blog and the forums. Come and check them out and let us know what you think. If you join the site, you’ll be signed up for the forums. The new forums allow for image uploading and a few other things that will make it a bit more fun to work with for all of the players.

We have had a few issues with spammers attacking the blog already but we think we’ve got that covered. If you run into any problems joining the forums, use the contact us form to send an email and we’ll make sure that you’re set up with a user name and password.

One Response to New 1000 AD -Standard-Feb 9th-Mar 9th 2013

  • Mighty Mouse says:

    “Much too strong for the other players,Alsey, Lemon Grass and Mighty Mouse gave a real contest that proved to be more than the other players could overcome.”

    I think noting that Lemon Grass has come a long way, and though he isn’t as experienced as a few of us….which i don’t like to include myself in that…but he is one of few that will do what you tell him and because of that he is a great teammate, while lacking experience, has open ears and a willingness to learn. To me, if there was such an award, he would get the “Most Improved Player” award in a short period of time…maybe like 3-5 rounds.