Using the Help Files Prevents Frustration

One of the things that new players often find intimidating about the New1000AD game is that there are so many ways to play and so many different characters from which to choose. Quite often this is off-putting because the new player is a little uncertain about how to play the game and where to start. New 1000 AD addresses this very distinctly by offering the new users a wide range of tutorials from which to choose. These will help you to figure out who you want to be and how to get started in the game.

The various tutorials, which are available to you at New Player Tutorial pages will offer you a wide range of information that will help you to get started without getting frustrated. In addition there are other things that make the game easier for new players and older, more experienced ones.

The game basics page helps you to determine the best way to get started and how you might like to play. If you read nothing else, this one is important.

Game basics include things like a quick start guide that will help you to build tools, how the turns work and explains about all of the resources. It explains the building methods, the population and how new players will make use of the management screen to get what they need to rise in rank.

Several different things which are built into the game will help you to keep track of what you’re doing and how you’ve done during your turn. They aren’t at all difficult to use and will let you track your progress quite easily.

Take a quick look at the basics of the game so that you’ll know where to start before you begin. It helps you to find out more about your management center purpose and tells you about things like the Town centers and other aspects of the game. If you think that you’re ready to start then after reviewing the basic guide, you can quite likely begin the game and learn as you play.

In the actual game are built-ins that give you all the information that you need to know how you’re doing in the game overall.

One of the things that we found most helpful about the game was that you’ll also find at the end of each turn that you will get a summary of what you did during the turn and how things turned out for you.

For example the end of turn summary will help you to figure out:
How much food that you used for soldiers
How much food you used by people
How much wood that you used.
Your final population
Your total income
Your total goods
Your army numbers
Your overall population.

If you’re new to the game, diving in and just beginning may not be the best way to go. Take some time to look over the game basics and the various tutorials which have been provided for you and to use them to learn about the game before you get started. Use the built in tools to help you to track your progress as a new player and to learn more about the best way to play the game and change your strategy if you need to.

The many tools provided by the game developerse will help to ensure that you have a positive game experience from the start.